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Hello, I’m Melissa Ann. This is my debut novel and it has been both a treacherous and extraordinary journey. This is some stuff about me that I think is boring, but you might not think is boring…

I'm from Welland, Ontario, Canada, and I’m thirty-nine. I'm a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, Creative Writing Certificate Program. I live with my sister, our big dog, and a small bunny. I lived in Toronto Canada for many years. I drove the coast of California once (flipping a loonie to make the majority of my decisions) and it made me extremely happy. I moved to Halifax for a year because I flipped that same coin. I love NYC and New York State as a whole, not just because we’re neighbours (ours is Canadian spelling). I take my shoes off when I come into the house. I try to be as vegan as possible, without getting too angry or annoyed with the rest of the world or myself. I think sharks are super cool. I’m a great cook, except I can’t bake, and am clueless at cooking meat.  I’m not perfect, and have made a terrific amount of mistakes in my life; I’m ok with that. I believe if I stop learning I will die, or just spontaneously combust. I am a geek and I am ok with that too. In life it is never too late to go after something you want; if you have the drive to do it then you need to do it. Talking to strangers and meeting new people, makes me happy. I write by accident and I write on purpose. Fear has no value in my life. Random thoughts keep me up at night until I get them on paper.  And some stories I just have to tell. Editing is exciting to me. When I get lost in my writing I fall in love all over again. I like to listen, I listen a lot. Good dialogue is my favorite thing in life, on paper and in speech, it warms my soul. 

♥ Melissa Ann