So much hate.



So much hate.

Hate is one if the most disgusting feelings a person can have. Hate is a choice, it doesn't just happen, it manifests by ones ability to cultivate it through thoughts. 

The level of ignorance and hate I've been seeing and hearing is astonishing. I have absolutely no tolerance for (in no special order) misogyny, bigotry, racism, fascism, or homophobia in my life. What I do have space for is love, kindness, peace, and gratitude. 

I've been seeing messages to teach 'tolerance'. Tolerance is to be permissive or enduring of something. We shouldn't be teaching tolerance because that is a limited choice but rather we should be teaching kindness. Just be kind to one another, that is what will stop all of this hate. What type of lover a person has, what god they want to pray to, what skin pigmentation a person has, these are irrelevant to what we all are - human. We are one species and when you start seeing ONE and base your behaviours on the idea that you are no better or worse than someone from a different culture, ideology, or country, your life will be better and different. 

So how do we destroy ignorance? One word, education. What is it like to pray to a different god? To love a different sex? To be a different sex? It's time to bury ignorance and cultivate education. Ask someone that you see as different, what it's like to be them. You may find that they aren't all that different than you. 

Be kind and learn something. 

xoxo Melissa