Soup and Poop


My Mom makes amazing potato and leek soup. She even modified the recipe so that the contents of the soup don’t include anything that once had a mom. So, the thing is, potatoes are cheap, like really inexpensive, so how can you serve this and still make it seem as if it has a high value?

Sitting at a bowl of shark fin soup — you believe that it is valuable. You already know it is expensive. You know that a rare creature that has lived on the planet for millions of years died to be in the bowl.  But in that moment what value has it brought to you and your life? And what value will it bring to you? Is it the myth or fable you were told when you were small that makes it valuable? Or is it valuable because it is made from an animal on its way to extinction? — And if you choose to eat it what value have you, unknowingly, exchanged to consume it?

Getting back to making the potato soup — maybe we can give the potato and leek soup more value if we add black truffles in it? Or maybe we can use a gold pot to cook it in? Or maybe it would have more value if the world’s greatest chef cooked it? Or maybe, just maybe, we could use an Oscar winning actor’s poop grown potatoes on Mars to make it — yes, it would have value then!

Most things tell us their value in the way of a dollar sign, a brand, a logo, or maybe it's an award to tell us someone has value  like an Oscar. But in the end isn’t the choice ours? We can give value to whatever we choose to: potatoes, shark fins, or Oscar award winning actors that use human poop to grow potatoes on Mars. It’s really up to you, just you.