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I love editing! Really, I do!

There are two stages in which I service for novel edits, the development edit and the line edit. You do not need to get both done, however if you’re just starting out, both is best. These are two different reviews, first the development edit and then the line edit. I would like to mention, I cannot make any guarantees that you will get published. You may also dislike what I have to say about your work, this doesn’t entitle you to a refund. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started.

· Development Edit

This a brief overview of your novel from a high level on the content and structure.  The development edit will help steer you in the right direction with what you are trying to achieve with your novel. The development edit analyzes the plot, character development, and themes. I help you make sure that your novel is consistent and understandable.

· Line Edit

This is a detailed review of your novel’s structure. This is not a copy edit, or a proof read. The line edit is done line by line, reviewing details like word selection, voice, sentence structure, outlining telling, information dumps, and dialogue.

Estimate Requirements:

·         Total word count, total page count (must be Times Roman 12 pt, double spaced, and standard margins) number of characters in the story, first chapter (must be Times Roman 12 pt, double spaced, and standard margins), service choice (developmental edit and/or line edit), and ideal due date/s.

·         All files must be in Microsoft Office Word.

·         I only work with fiction and prefer Children’s, Middle Grade/Middle School MG, Young Adult YA, and New Adult NA.

·         The genres I will edit include: fantasy, romance (no erotica), science fiction/sci-fi, suspense/mystery (no horror), and action/adventure.

·         Bookings can be anywhere from 1-4 months in advance depending on my schedule and openings. I must receive your payment prior the recommended working dates. Completion dates are within a two-week window, before or after the date agreed upon.

·         100% payment is required up front for all editing work.


·         These estimates are for one review of the word count you provide. If you would like me to review your work a second time after you revise it, the second review can be completed at an additional charge (discounted) with a different due date.

·         I will not analyze the marketability of your novel.

·         Sorry, but I can’t guarantee that you will be published after working with me.

·         Editing is about making sure the story you are telling works and makes sense. You may not like the feedback I give and this doesn’t entitle you to a refund (like never, ever. For real.) P.S. I’m never mean. I can’t be, I’m Canadian.


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