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Professional Editor and Copywriter


Professional Novel Editor

I love editing! Really, I do!

There are two stages in which I service for novel edits, the development edit and the line edit. You do not need to get both done, however if you’re just starting out, both is best. These are two different reviews, first the development edit and then the line edit. I would like to mention, I cannot make any guarantees that you will get published. You may also dislike what I have to say about your work, this doesn’t entitle you to a refund. But the good news is that I'm never mean, I can't be I'm Canadian. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started.


Professional Copywriter

Seriously? Why would you want to hire me as your copywriter?

You’ll finally be able to take a load off because I’m gonna grab the attention of your next customer for you. Really, what else could you ask for? Well, I’m also efficient, professional, and enjoy working with snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug deadlines. Together we will bring your unique brand to your unique customers in a fun and exciting way.

Come on! Let me be your copywriting wordsmith, so you can finally give all your focus to the customers coming through the door. 

My Education

I graduated from of the University of Toronto Creative Writing Certificate Program in December 2016. I also successfully completed the Copy Cure Program in January 2017, which is a course created through B-School. I am currently enrolled in the full B-School Program and will be graduating the program February 2018. 


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